1560_1-300x300Come to The Bamboo Nursery

We offer a wide variety of gorgeous bamboo, clumping (non-spreading) and running types. We also have giant timber and groundcover bamboo.

Additionally, we carry a broad variety of other landscaping plants, shrubs and trees to be used for groundcover and feature installations. We carry a good selection of edible fruit, nut and berry trees and plants. Also, you will find here a selection of beautiful flowering trees.

You can shop for all your landscaping plants at The Bamboo Nursery, located at Johnston.

The Bamboo Nursery in Port Angeles, WA provides plants for those with a taste for the beauty of nature and a creative knack for resourceful use of bamboo wood.

For All Your Bamboo Care

Whether for privacy through unique fencing, for wind breaks, or purely for ornamental beauty, The Bamboo Nursery offers premium plants at affordable prices. Plant your own home bamboo forest or add a unique accent touch to your garden.

We Offer:

  • Running and Clumping Bamboo
  • Screening Bamboo
  • Flowering Trees and Shrubs
    • Japanese Maples
    • Magnolias
    • Dogwoods
    • …and many more!
  • Groundcovers
  • Fruit and Nut and Berry Plants and Trees
  • Fruit and Vegetable Produce
  • Fruit Starts
  • Vegetable Starts

Contact The Bamboo Nursery Today!

We encourage you to make an appointment, and you are also invited to drop in. We can be more available to help you if we know you are coming.

(360) 452-1936

Open Hours:  Tuesday thru Saturday, 9:30am to 5:30pm